With The Homeless In Mind

With the Homeless in mind, Baukat Enterprises designs new protective winter-rated gear for individuals and families living outdoors in cold climates.

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” – Psalm 9:18 NIV

Fiber artist Donna Mae Baukat is an award-winning designer and handcrafts wearable-fiber-art & accessories for families. “Donna Mae” designs outer coverings for the unsheltered population who camp in the woods and mountain regions of Southwest Colorado. Her passion for the Homeless is never-ending.

Here is an original design of a sleeping bag — wearable, waterproof, durable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, lightweight, and compressible into a convenient carrying size. Currently under development, we apologize for omitting features and specifications.

Wearable Sleeping Bag
Created by Donna Mae Baukat. Illustrated by Laurie Cullum Designs. Copyright 2017. Baukat Enterprises LLC, Durango, Colorado.

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Sensibility for fit and function

The homeless are known to traverse and camp in hillsides, the woods, and mountainous national forests with Wildlife (bears and mountain lions). The Rocky Mountains, especially, challenges even the most experienced climbers and campers.

Unpredictable changes in weather creates life-threatening situations in temperatures that may suddenly drop to -15 Degrees Fahrenheit.

As it was in the Old West and Pioneer days, today’s winter campers without adequate protective gear are at risk to freezing to death in the snow–some unable to stay awake in their tents through the night, while others fail to find safe shelter.

Baukat Enterprises understands those challenges and dangers to the Homeless who live in Southwest Colorado. We purpose to fit a person with features functional in rough terrain with affordable camping clothing and gear. The illustration shown is subject to changes and improvements.

Sensibly designed–to the requirements of a small group of Homeless campers living in the San Juan National Forest in La Plata County–we create a unique, convertible wearable sleeping bag.

More to come…..