The Village of Hope of La Plata County

Community Compassion Outreach (CCO) will model a Village for the Homeless similar to the Beloved Community Village — EXCEPTION! CCO VILLAGE OF HOPE ARE SMALL HOUSES — not tiny houses.

A Model of a Village Collaborative in Denver Colorado

Developed by Denver Homeless Out Loud (advisory members and potential village residents) Amended and fleshed out by Beloved Community Village Residents. There will be three inter-related levels of governance within the village.

The Village Council – The Advisory Council – Colorado Village Collaborative

The village itself has developed a memorandum of understanding between the Village, the…

Exception. . .not a tiny house!

Baukat Enterprises LLC is collaborating with Humanitarian House Int’l Architect, Stuart Ohlson, and a Durango home builder to develop The Village of Hope of La Plata County for Community Compassion Outreach.

CCO is an advocate for alternative housing for people in homelessness and poverty. CoFounders Donna Mae Baukat (Executive Director) and Pastor Jon Alsdorf of Durango Christian Church has led the program until Community Compassion Outreach became a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation on March 29 2018.

CCO Board of Directors has endorsed the HHi SIPs House, also referred to as a dignified insulated lockable safe shelter, for sustainable living. It is the HHi Small House, which is designed for either conventional wood materials or prefabricated structural insulated panels (SIPs) — a more expensive option.

The image below is a 256-Square Feet 16’x16′ structure. It is designed to accommodate one couple or a single person.

“HHi SIPs House” is designed by Stuart Ohlson, AIA, Founder and CEO of Humanitarian House International, Inc.

Floor Plan includes kitchenette and compact bathroom unit.

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With The Homeless In Mind

Baukat Enterprises LLC is a social enterprise to include design and development of products to serve people experiencing homelessness. A new protective winter-rated gear is pending re-design and prototype.

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” – Psalm 9:18 NIV

The original design of a wearable sleeping bag providing Lightweight overcoat with features for waterproof, durability, water-resistance, tear-resistance, and compressible into a convenient carrying size.

Wearable Sleeping Bag
Created by Donna Mae Baukat. Illustrated by Laurie Cullum Designs. Copyright 2017. Baukat Enterprises LLC, Durango, Colorado.

For further information, confidential details and description contact us. A Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed to discuss and/or to receive details.

Sensibility for fit and function

The homeless are known to traverse and camp in hillsides, the woods, and mountainous national forests with Wildlife (bears, mountain lions and other wildlife). The Rocky Mountains challenges even the most experienced climbers and campers.

Unpredictable changes in weather creates life-threatening situations in temperatures that may suddenly drop to -15 Degrees Fahrenheit. A compact coat with a sleeping bag is worn or packed for lightweight convenience.

Stay tuned…