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Baukat Enterprises, LLC of Colorado is partner with Durango Christian Church (DCC) in Durango, Colorado. We designed a solution for lightweight sleep bags with shield against the wind and rain like a tent.

Community Compassion Outreach (CCO) is a DCC program serving individuals and families of poverty, homelessness, and other needs.

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“But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” – Psalm 9:18 NIV

Donna Mae and Stephen Baukat are founders of Baukat Enterprises. They were married in 1981 when living in Laguna Niguel, California.

At the end of 2013, Steve and Donna Mae faced the possibility of homelessness. Steve was unexpectedly laid off during Donna Mae’s visit to a nearby town of Durango. As with other people who face possible homelessness, we were worried!

After much prayer and faith that God would lead them to an affordable place to retire, answer came rather quickly. Within one month of Steve’s job loss, the Baukat couple moved to a modest single-wide mobile home overlooking Animas Valley, a few miles north of the city of Durango.

Donna Mae designed a compact solution.  Hybrid Wearable Sleep Bag with a shield/tent, taking into consideration the suggestions obtained from a homeless individual and the Homeless Outreach minister of Durango Christian Church. This is in development, needing to be produced. You can help get it done! Click here for Tax Deductible receipt.


Steve has 40 years in quality and inspection of computer peripherals manufacturing for aerospace, military and commercial customers. His last position in 2013 was International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Auditor employed by an electronics manufacturer. Steve has designed facilities and production lines to meet ISO-9000, Aerospace Spec. 9001, Mil-I Specs, and other industry standards. He is a hands-on guy with mechanical, electrical, and tooling experiences with a Bachelors in Science degree in Economics.

Coupled with 40 years in quality assurance of manufactured products, and with over 25 years in marketing & sales for manufacturers, Baukat Enterprises has unlimited capacity to bring its goals to fruition.

Project Status

Funding is critical at this time before we take the first step toward a Hybrid Wearable Sleep Bag Tent in digital form. A deposit of less than $1,500 is all we need to order a digitized pattern for our design. When the pattern is ready to create the prototype, we will be able to step into the Evaluation & Revision Phase. From this phase, the pattern will be tweaked for perfection.

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Samples will then be produced in select materials and sizes when we will proceed to Marketing and Sales with Crowd Funding activities. Pre-Sales to the Public will generate necessary funds to full Production Phase that will cover the costs to distribute a matching quantity of units sold to units given freely to the list of Homeless persons registered with us.

Empathy with Compassion

To be empathetic is to be understanding of a situation and circumstance. Without compassion, empathy is without such understanding. Compassionate empathy implies the deep need to solve a problem and to find ways to make improvements.

Homelessness has been society’s evidence of poverty with ever-increasing population and trickle-down economics pervaded by high costs of living and medical care. For thousands of years, communities have seen the poor begging on the streets — poverty never ending. In 2017, governments across the world have tried to end homelessness to no avail. Housing First is a policy under the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in which millions of dollars go toward building affordable housing. Is it working? Research tells us there are not enough shelters and affordable rentals to house the population of homeless people.

Increase in homeless children under the age of six suggests that families are unable to care for their own, often sending their children to live with families and friends. Teens are couch surfing and without good education. Where and how will those children and young adults afford housing when they are uneducated?

We need your help!

You can mail a tax deductible gift to Durango Christian Church for this project:

Make your check Payable to:

Durango Christian Church (CCO Project).

Mailing address: 255 E. 11th Street, Durango, CO 81301

Thank you!

Our company is based upon faith in an Almighty and powerful God. We believe in the Bible of the Jews and Christians. We also accept anyone whose faith is different from ours. Jesus Christ welcomed the sick, the poor, and broken-hearted from all walks of life–both Jew and Gentile (anyone not a Jew). For this reason, we do not reject anyone–regardless of what they believe in.

Compassionate empathy is the approach we take in contributing to the needs of people around us. Homeless persons are not all criminals – and, it isn’t a crime to be homeless. Homelessness is a condition and a circumstance that is plaguing for many who are trying to end chronic homelessness. As a community living in a highly technological country, we must make every effort at the grassroots level to reach out and respect anyone faced with living outside in harsh environments. You can help us by becoming part of our team.

Share our story with your friends!

You can be a part of this vision for provisions that will help the Homeless stay warm and at peace. All you have to do is tell your friends about us. Share our story with them. You will be the glimmer of hope for our cause by shedding light on the many troubles of the Homeless population, simply by spreading the word on our behalf.

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It’s clear to us that God provides the needs of anyone who calls on Him. He gives gifts and talents to those willing to use it for good.

Baukat Enterprises will use its gifts and talents for God’s service to the poor and the homeless. We hope you will follow us along this new journey to help those in homeless situations and to provide products that help to improve their living situations.

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