The Village of Hope in La Plata County

Baukat Enterprises LLC and Community Compassion Outreach (CCO) Board of Directors formalized a contract hire agreement for BE’s administrative and project/program management of CCO’s activities. Donna Mae Baukat, BE Founder/CEO acts as executive director of the Nonprofit. She continues to dedicate her time on Pro Bono basis during the nonprofit’s first official year, commencing March 29, 2018 to March 29, 2019. Baukat is passionate of CCO’s mission statement to assist persons to survive and to exit homelessness.

I was raised in poverty and homelessness during the early ‘40s in Honolulu when the Islands was recovering from the attack on Pearl Harbor. My parents raised me in subsidized housing. Navy barracks were converted to Halawa Housing, the only affordable space my parents could afford. Even with a large family on both sides, my parents were food burdened. I recall and have an affinity to spam and rice, and appreciate not having to eat just rice with soy sauce. Honolulu dock strikes caused serious food burdens on Hawaii’s population. Food and goods could not be delivered to stores. Those were difficult days for parents—yet, I am here to say we survived. The Aloha Spirit of unconditional love helped us through with families sharing food with friend and strangers.

As a kid, and until i reached age 13, I never knew how poor we were. When dad moved his family to Southern California for a better job, our lives changed for the better. Yet, my parents struggled to stay above water. I learned from their hard work that a person needs resources to improve their lives. Their work ethics taught me to rise above all odds of becoming the first woman to sell printed circuit boards in Southern California, while raising three children.

Later, I was the first woman in the USA to open the market in the semiconductor and magnetic head industry, for a chemical machining company. At that time, I worked at Vacco Industries. Those were during my divorce years after an unhappy marriage.

With God’s blessings, on a business appointment, I met Stephen Baukat in 1981. We have been married nearly 37 years. Some time later, I marketed a seismic repair and rehabilitation system for a civil engineer professor. It takes courage and tenacity to learn about the products I represented. Such traits are within each of us. I believe I can instill that in people who have lost hope.

These experiences came through perseverance and the need to afford housing. Some people are unable to do the same, but they also need the resources to get their lives back in order. It is why I pursue housing for people in low income and homelesness. As a community, it will take all of us to build a Village of Hope!

— Donna Mae

Baukat will model a Village of Hope in La Plata County for Low-Income/Homeless no-to-low barrier development. Human and health services with case management for some tenants will be similar to the Beloved Community Village.


A Model of a Village Collaborative in Denver Colorado

Developed by Denver Homeless Out Loud (advisory members and potential village residents) Amended and fleshed out by Beloved Community Village Residents. There will be three inter-related levels of governance within the village.

The Village Council – The Advisory Council – Colorado Village Collaborative

The village itself has developed a memorandum of understanding between the Village, the…

Exception. . .not a tiny house!

Baukat Enterprises LLC is collaborating with Humanitarian House Int’l Architect, Stuart Ohlson, and a Durango home builder to develop The Village of Hope of La Plata County for Community Compassion Outreach.

CCO is an advocate for alternative housing for people in homelessness and poverty. CoFounders Donna Mae Baukat (Executive Director) and Pastor Jon Alsdorf of Durango Christian Church has led the program until Community Compassion Outreach became a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation effective March 29 2018.

CCO Board of Directors has endorsed the HHi SIPs House, also referred to as a dignified insulated lockable safe shelter, for sustainable living. It is the HHi Small House, which is designed for either conventional wood materials or prefabricated structural insulated panels (SIPs) — a more expensive option.

The image below is a 256-Square Feet 16’x16′ structure. It is designed to accommodate one couple or a single person.

Floor Plan includes kitchenette and compact bathroom unit.

Contact Us for further information.


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